Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back to AZ

This should really be "forward to AZ", but having been there a few times, it felt more like a return, so we're going with that.  I'm having a hard time remembering the ride from Roswell to Arizona due to old age, but Google Maps gives it 7 hours from Roswell to Holbrook, and that sounds about right.  It sure is beautiful in the Southwest...


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(New) Mexican Food...It Wears Well

Looking at aliens all morning can sure make a girl hungry.  Luckily, I spotted some chow directly across the street. It had been a while since my last meal....well garsh, a few states ago, come to think of it.

I dug in to a heaping plate of food: tacos, enchiladas, chile rellenos, rice and  beans...and it was all delicious.  I boxed an enchilada, thinking this would be great to eat later in the car, while driving.  Did you pick up on the foreshadowing of disaster?

Farewell, Roswell!  


Monday, November 7, 2011

I Want To Believe

Did anybody else out there watch The X-Files, back in the day?  Tape all the episodes?  Talk about it with your friends non-stop?  Carry around episode guides instead of school books?  No?  Guess that was just me, and Daina of course (a long-time X-Phile).

Once I found a friend to swap episodes with, life just couldn't get any better.  Until this past summer, of course, when I visited the Roswell UFO Museum.

The basement is a research center...they have books, documents on file, video tapes.  It's like being in Mulder's office!

They also have art, to make things pretty.

On the main floor, they have a wall dedicated to the signatures of famous people that visit.

  I only had a quick moment to snap this, before getting ushered away for trying to sign next to it:

Agent Doggett!  He's almost a real X-Files character, and DEFINITELY a real terminator!!

Above is a map where visitors can stick a pin into their home town.  They clear it once a month, but that's still a lot of pins for mid-June!

There I am...purple Poughkeepsie!
There was no one else from the Hudson Valley, I guess.  Made me a little homesick!

One can learn all about the events of the Roswell incident, a real conspiracy back in the 1940's involving a UFO crash.  I went in very skeptical, and they do a good job of letting the visitor make up their own mind, but the government did some pretty stupid things trying to keep information contained.  Man, some things never change.

I also got to watch some of the movie Fire in the Sky, which was delightful, and see a lot of alien inspired artwork.

Oh...and what's this, at the end?  My peeps!

A very good time to be had in Roswell, New Mexico.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Very Un-Halloween To You!

First day of the year that Spooks 'n Food is somewhat relevant...and we miss it because of this!

Snow Snow Snow.  It started on Saturday, and kept going until we were 6 inches deep and the power went out at home. 

After two days, my family started to feel like Christmastime street urchins in a Charles Dickens novel - chapped nose and lips, squatting by a fire in gloves, dirty, and eating like starving people at fast food restaurants (exactly like Dickens).  But the power came back last night!  So don't worry, I'm clean again.  Spooks 'n Food reader, we are back online, and I hope you had a very good Halloween - as strange and untraditional as it was.

Cool!  The One Pumpkin

See you in New Mexico.